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The Doors
Image details: The Doors served by

The Doors
Image details: The Doors served by

The Doors
Image details: The Doors served by

This is an old video clip i make a few year ago,an update video clip was posting on July 2008, Fan of Jim Morrison and The Doors .

Tabblo: Jim Morrison -The Doors front man.

These pictures was take in 2007 ,36 years after the day Morrison died

Jim Morrison was buried in Pere Lachaise cemetery ̣(Paris), in a small ceremony without fanfare, on July 7, 1971.
No autopsy was ever performed.
PARIS -- The official story goes like this: On the last night of Jim Morrison's life, the rocker went to a movie in Paris, listened to records, fell ill and died of heart failure in his bathtub at the age of 27.Morrison's girlfriend, who died three years later of an overdose, told police an entirely different story. Courson said she found him dead in the tub.

BOOK  in 2007
whose French-language book is called "The End: Jim Morrison,"
   ( 36 years later )
Sam Bernett  as a former Paris nightclub manager
Bernett, who was in his early 20s when Morrison died in 1971, went on to become a prominent radio personality, rock biographer and a vice president of Disneyland Paris. Though he was pestered for years by reporters investigating Morrison's death, he kept his story quiet until his wife suggested writing a book last year.

A Video on youtube tell about this true story for answer to a new question about Jim Morrison death .REAL STORY JIM MORRISON video clip.

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