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This new video we make for replace our clip on Youtube about Jim Morrison.At this time ( Feb 2009, it's seems youtube reject all notable song by matched ID copyright =WMG), clip Real story on zunevn channel also in this cause ,it' was NO AUDIO , besidethat we added the new clip for your interests about Real story of Jim.

The Story...
Some fans believe that Jim-Morrison faked his death in order to escape the spotlight.(after 3rd July 1971).
Make money with Jim alive or not !

Comments Clipped :
Jim Morrison did not die, he faked his death. I learned about this through Mr. Gerald Pitts of
Gerald Pitts is a famous rodeo photographer and auctioneer in the pacific northwest. He was filming a rodeo when lo and behold Jim Morrison walked up to him and started asking questions about movie production.
Gerald's sons helped him to learn who Jim Morrison was. Gerald and Jim Morrison became good friends and from 1997 to 1998 produced a video film at a local studio hosted by Te Zins, to announce to the world that Jim is alive. This video, Jim Morrison Formerly of the "Doors" Musical Group Discovered Living in the Pacific Northwest in 1998"
Here's another comment :
It is very hard to convince people to call the phone number on Gerald's site, because 35 years of brainwashing has left people, umm pretty brain washed. But if you do,and talk to Gerald Pitts, or if you buy the video, you will soon start to see that Jim Morrison is still alive, and living in the Pacific Northwest. ( ???) Buy the video ! I have been to that site. It is a joke. It is made to make money. This reason that make me hide this website URL ( Mr. Gerald Pitts of

So ,what do you think about this ?

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In the late nineteen sixties, Doors' singer Jim Morrison founded a publishing company named Zeppelin Publishing Company with the help of the legal department of Warner Brothers Pictures
and Atlantic Records.
According to promotions for Zeppelin, "Jim wanted to get his hands on the trademark 'Zeppelin' before Led Zeppelin did. He did this while everyone in America knew who the Doors were, but before the other rock group was well known..."

Zeppelin Publishing Company was chartered and put into hibernation for later resurrection.

Led Zeppelin website

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